Membership in a nursing association offers support, networking, education and community services to name a few.   Atlanta AACN is oldest ongoing chapter of AACN, offering 47 years of service to the community.   We continue to grow with current membership of 185 acute and critical care nurses throughout the Greater Atlanta area.

If you have been a national member, check for national membership status on national website :   AACN

Log in with your national number to check on your status and renew if needed and make sure your account has the correct email you would like us to use to contact you.  Must be a national member unless its your first time joining nationally.

Option 1:  Join or Renew by Mail or hand deliver:  Print this form and bring to meeting or mail to address provided.  Include National member number on form.


AACN Membership Form


Option 2: Join or Renew Online:

National membership is a requirement.  You may join nationally at

Join or renew local membership (include current active National member number on online form)

One year: $20 Two year: $35


Email our membership chair Maya Jackson at