Welcome to the Atlanta Area Chapter of the AACN

We are looking forward to an exciting year here in Atlanta as we celebrate 46 years of service to the community!

On July 19, 2017 the Board held a transition meeting.  Phyllis Lowery took office as President of the Atlanta AACN Chapter.

As nursing continues to evolve we as a critical nurse community will do the same.  We need to be a voice in the community by intensifying our services. Expansion of knowledge to others through continuous educational opportunities will be a focus this year.   Unity with fellow nurses through promotion of membership in our local area will be a priority.   And lastly communicating effectively to members and interested parties via social media will be enhanced.

National AACN

On July 1, President Christine Schulman launched “Guided by Why” as AACN’s theme for 2017-2018.

“It’s obvious to me that we nurses faithfully use why as our guide.  In fact, we can’t ever forget our WHY — be it talking to patients, or mastering hemodynamics, or conducting research. Because our WHYs are exactly what our patients, our colleagues, our healthcare systems, depend on.”

-Christine Schulman

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